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Friday May 28th and finally iDay is upon us

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At Cardiff’s St Davids 2 shopping centre this morning, security had to open the doors around 5.30am to let people start queuing outside the Apple Store.

In the streets of Manchester people slept out over night and I heard that this morning Stephen Hawking described Regent St as chaos.

Apple staff at the Cardiff store where also up early, veiling the front of the store to get ready for an 8am start – as 8am came, the veil was dropped and a cheer went up. Ladies and gentlemen – the iPad is here!

Demand for the 3G (mobile broadband connection) version has been high in the Cardiff store, with initial stock of all iPads nearly sold out by lunchtime. No one seems to be saying when a restock will happen, but I know lots of shoppers are hoping for more stock later today – ready for the weekend.

Even for those not wishing to dive straight in and buy one, the allure is still proving too great, with people queuing to just have a touch (myself included). Interestingly I spotted quite a few ‘older’ folk wanting to cop-a-feel.

The iPad itself  is slick, stylish and like no laptop you have ever seen. You’re possible better off thinking of it as a large smart phone.

There is no mouse (so the rodent-phobic need not fear), no keyboard – just a gorgeous expanse of hi-definition multi-touch screen and one button.

Using the iPad couldn’t be simpler, with no need to master the “double-click” or mouse control. If you want to use something you touch it, if you want to move the screen, just stroke the screen in the direction you want to move, much like turning the pages of a book.

It seems to be very much geared towards internet and entertainment, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and in some cases 3G connectivity built in. Apples iWorks suite does run on the iPad, is compatible with MS office and the touch screen keyboard is rather nice to use. There is however no USB or CD/DVD, so if you want to transfer stuff to the iPad you have to shunt your files through iTunes

Even with out the addition of some nice gestural interfaces (zooming in and out, rotating stuff, selecting text) and a battery life that will see you working all day on one charge – I want one. Since the iPad does have these – I definitely want one!

Join the queue and check one out!

Author: Steve Fossey, Novas Scarman Group

Wales Co-operative Centre runs Communities 2.0, the digital inclusion project in Wales.


Written by C Kenzie

May 28, 2010 at 3:07 pm

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