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Co-operatives – use Co-operatives Fortnight to promote yourselves!

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Co-operatives Fortnight 19 June – 3 July is a call for people to do things differently, to work together – as individuals, colleagues, communities or businesses.

For 14 days, all kinds of co-operatives and community initiatives, across the economy and up and down the country, will be showing that there is an alternative.

Why not use the Fortnight as an opportunity to promote your co-operative?

What’s happening?

There’ll be flagship events like Co-operatives 2010, which this year will bring 500 people to Plymouth to showcase the co-operative alternative.

The Fortnight will end on July 3 with International Co-operatives Day, celebrating co-operation across the globe. And during the Fortnight, Co-operatives UK will be showcasing the benefits of the co-operative alternative for individuals, communities and the economy.

Co-operatives Fortnight is created by Co-operatives UK and sponsored by a number of co-operatives, without which this groundbreaking initiative would not be possible:

The Co-operative Group
Midcounties Co-operative
The Southern Co-operative
Anglia Co-operative
Chelmsford Star Co-operative
Lincolnshire Co-operative
Channel Islands Co operative Society

For more information, visit

Ideas for how you can take part

We’ve got some ideas for what you can do now or during the Fortnight here. But the best ideas will come from you. So if you’ve got a brainwave for what co-operatives could do during the Fortnight, don’t keep it to yourself! Visit and share it on the ideas page.

  • Hold an Open Day – invite your community or clients in to see how you work. Offer Co-operatives Fortnight goodies to those who attend.
  • Community challenge – as a local co-operative why not act as an enabler and organise action in your community. Litter picking, creating a community garden etc. – arrange for a community group to get it done during Co-operatives Fortnight.
  • Showcase co-operatives in your region – why not join up with other co-operatives in your area and hold an event to showcase what makes your organisation different?
  • Celebrate International co-operatives – Co-operatives are part of a global movement. Why not use International Co-operatives Day on July 3 to show how your co-operative is part of something worldwide?

Getting publicity!

Co-operatives Fortnight is all about ensuring that people across the UK know about what makes co-operation an attractive alternative.

By running events or doing something during the Fortnight, you’re bound to raise your profile with your clients, customers or community.

Talking to the media is a key way of making sure people know what you’re planning for the Fortnight.

Top tips:

  1. Contact your local media – newspapers, local websites, prominent blogs – about Co-operatives Fortnight.
  2. Ask to speak to someone on the newsdesk then ask for someone who would be interested to cover the story.
  3. Explain what you’ll be doing during Co-operatives Fortnight.
  4. Invite the local media to attend your events.
  5. Invite photographers on picture desks of local newspapers to your events.
  6. Write press releases and send to your local media contacts.
  7. Follow up a press release with a phone call to your contact.
  8. Invite journalists to visit your co-operative and see it in action.

Co-operatives UK have created a media kit full of facts about Co-operatives Fortnight that you can pass on to journalists for a fuller picture.



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June 11, 2010 at 9:51 am

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