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Spotlight on: Pembrokeshire Produce Direct

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Throughout Co-operatives Fortnight 19 June – 3 July, several co-operatives in Wales will be featured on the Radio Wales Jamie and Louise Show 9am to midday. We will also be telling their stories, and others, here on our blog.

Pembrokeshire Produce Direct

Pembrokeshire Produce Direct is an exciting new concept in local food shopping which brings the authenticity of the local Farmers Market or Farm Shop to the comfort of your own home.

“Pembrokeshire Produce Direct is a “social profit” cooperative of more than 70 West Wales food and drink producers who are working together to deliver fresh, local produce to the people of West Wales and beyond,” said general manager James Ross.

He added: “Often the best ideas are the most simple, and that is certainly true in the case of Pembrokeshire Produce Direct.”

By working together it becomes economically viable for small producers to deliver to consumers who order online through a central delivery hub and share any costs incurred in marketing and distribution.

Mr Ross said: “They can then reap the benefits of the economies of scale and deliver their produce to a much wider audience with no additional costs.”

Pembrokeshire Produce Direct is a cooperative of producers who recognise that in any successful business the customer is king. Their product range and customer service has been recognised in this year’s True Taste Awards, where they were named “Online Retailer of the Year 2009 /2010”. They also picked up a Bronze Award in the “Best Local Sourcing Initiative” category.

“Pembrokeshire Produce Direct gives customers the ability to choose from a wide range of locally produced food and drink, and have it delivered direct to their door,” Mr Ross explained.

“This is no ‘Box Scheme’, rather an online local food superstore, which also offers an extensive range of store-cupboard essentials, meaning customers can buy their complete week’s shop without ever needing to leave the house.”

The benefits of a weekly order cycle, Mr Ross pointed out, gives producers the ability to produce to order which means customers get a noticeable difference in freshness and quality which keeps them coming back week after week.

There is virtually no stockholding, no waste and for five out of every seven days no requirement to burn resources, keeping expensive refrigeration plants running.

Mr Ross said: “Seventy producers delivering separately to one hundred households equates to seven thousand journeys.

“Pembrokeshire Produce Direct reduces that number to one hundred and seventy journeys – a massive benefit to the environment and a huge cost saving too.”

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Written by C Kenzie

June 30, 2010 at 9:54 am

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