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Eight tricks to maximise your social media productivity

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This is taken from an article written for Real Business, which I found extremely useful!

Below is a shortened version.

1. Automate and share

The less that you have to physically touch your content, the more efficient you can be.

For example, get Twitter to automatically tweet a link to each new blog post. Write your blog posts when you have the time and schedule them to publish throughout the week. The same can be done for tweets using third-party apps.

2. Use a virtual assistant (VA)

You don’t need to do everything by yourself. For example, your VA can take a blog post you have written, identify keywords, post it on your blogs, and put a link to your new blog post in the LinkedIn groups you are part of.

Your VA could also scour the forums to find relevant discussions for you to comment on.

3. Set aside times and time limits to go onto Twitter, LinkedIn, etc

To get the most out of it, discipline yourself to go on at distinct points of the day – and give yourself a time limit.

4. Limit the number of forums you contribute too

Success in social media comes from being visible, and that means turning up and posting regularly.

Find two or three social networks where your target market – and people well connected to your target market – hang out, and focus the time you spend on internet forums in these sites.

5. Content management plan

A content management plan can help you with your scheduling, writing and research. You can them make sure that your articles are tailored and phased to all the blogs and audience you write for.

6. Use 3rd party applications

Third party apps can help you save time. For example, Hootsuite lets you log in to several Twitter, Facebook etc. accounts at the same time and post to whichever ones you choose. Typepad allows you to post your blog onto your LinkedIn profile, and box.file allows you to share files on your profile.

7. Get a daily digest

Many internet forums will allow you to have a daily digest of activity on the site. Choose this to get a daily (or weekly) digest sent direct to your inbox.

8. Use your signature

Your e-mail signature and internet forum signature can be used to maximum effect. For example, use it to include keywords linked back to your website – or to highlight your Twitter or LinkedIn profile.


Written by C Kenzie

September 6, 2010 at 9:43 am

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