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Smartphones are app-ening

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You don’t have to be a phone or IT geek to live your life by smartphone apps these days. Smartphones have taken off in a very big way very quickly indeed in 2010. This is mostly due to the release of a wide variety of mobiles using the Android open source operating system and also new releases from Apple to keep their iPhone up to date.

Even if you have absolutely no interest in how fast your phone can download your tweets or what version of the operating system it uses, you are interested in fashion though. Or sport. Or where your nearest restaurant is. Right?

At the last count there were over 200,000 apps in Apple’s App Store and over 100,000 in the Android Market. That is a lot of applications you never knew you needed to help you through everyday life.

From waking up in the morning (there are apps for radio stations), you can check the weather (on a variety of weather apps), check your route to work (via traffic update apps, the London Underground apps or train time apps) or plan your day off using a myriad of apps.

There are apps for cinema times, apps which show you around the sights of an unfamiliar city, apps to watch live sporting events, apps for fashion, or if you’d rather not physically go shopping you can find the nearest cafe with WiFi (using an app) and simply shop online via an app.

You can use augmented reality apps to browse all the house for sale in your immediate area, to find a restaurant or bar of your choice (and see if it’s open), look for a post box, a bank or a supermarket. Or simply find your friends when they’re out and about.

After you’ve checked the latest news, have a virtual light saber fight with a friend (once you’ve tracked them down using GPS), checked to make sure you’re not missing your favourite TV programme and that your virtual personal assistant doesn’t have any appointments for you, you can spend the rest of the day playing the thousands of games available as smartphone apps.

Or, if you’d rather do some DIY don’t forget your phone will always come in handy as a spirit level.

There are fitness apps, crossword apps, apps to help you with your finances. Encyclopedia apps, security apps (which can lock your phone using iris recognition), apps which can tell you the name of a song you play to it. Calorie-counting apps, a host of social media apps, detail-sharing apps by bumping phones together.

There are apps for everything, and more are being developed each day.

So even if you have little interest in how a smartphone works, I challenge you not to be able to find a smartphone app that you’d find useful.

The App Store, Android Market and App World (for Blackberry) can be found on your smartphone.


Written by C Kenzie

September 20, 2010 at 8:31 am

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