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“Big Society” is a buzz phrase that’s gathering speed at present. I was even asked a question about it in a recent YouGov survey.

So what is ‘Big Society’?

To quote the website The Big Society “The Big Society is a society in which we as individuals don’t feel small”.

The Big Society Network is an organisation being set up by frustrated citizens for frustrated citizens, to help everyone achieve change in their local area.

Their aim is to create a new relationship between citizens and government in which both are genuine partners in getting things done: real democracy using all the human and technological tools we now have available. Business and the voluntary sector will also be involved.

Most people don’t think they have an influence in local decisions, let alone ones of national importance. Big Society Network add “We are often anonymous tax-payers without a real sense of how our money gets spent. We feel anger and frustration at the recent behaviour of both the City and Westminster and relatively powerless to change them.

“Our aim is to not only create the largest co-operative or mutual in Britain, but to create a mutual that is Britain. Every citizen can be a shareholder, contribute, receive help and rewards.”

For more information, visit

Read their blog for a closer look at the activities going on around the UK as ‘Big Society’ gathers momentum. There’s even a proposal for a ‘social app’ store for smartphones.

The Wales Co-operative Centre offers business and development support for co-operatives and social enterprises.


Written by C Kenzie

September 22, 2010 at 9:40 am

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