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More people seeking technology black holes for their holidays

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According to research by, more and more holidaymakers are seeking for ‘technology black holes’ in which to spend their breaks.

Free from mobile calls, social media and the internet, some people are looking for the ultimate ‘get away from it all’.

The Future of Free Time report, compiled in association with think tank the Future Foundation, predicted that in an increasingly cyber-soaked world, consumers will want more than ever to escape the stresses of work and to truly tune out when they’re on holiday.

Marko Balabanovic of said: “Free time isn’t free at all, it’s incredibly precious. That means travellers now – and ever more so in the future – want to find somewhere they can truly escape, turn off , tune out and drop off, without fear of the office calling with an ‘urgent’ issue.”

The Future of Free Time report has found that the UK is becoming a nation of ‘Novelty Seekers’ who look for more daring, more dangerous and more bizarre travel experiences, ‘Go-Nowhere Gamers’ who would rather socialise online than explore the world, and ‘Social Soloists’ who travel alone will become the staple of package deals.

Mud hutIn the future tour operators will offer the ultimate escape from the real world in a place where your phone never rings, and holidaymakers will go back to nature entirely: staying in simple huts heated with fire and eating simple, traditional foods. Such environments will truly allow travellers to cut themselves of for a week or more. These trips will be popular with families as parents can show their children a way of living which they will have only read about in books.

There are still places within the UK where you can get away from it all without interruptions – North Wales, Scotland and areas of Devon and Cornwall still do not have mobile phone reception. As long as you don’t stray into more populated areas too often!

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Written by C Kenzie

September 24, 2010 at 8:50 am

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