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Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru’s 50 best websites

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Time has put together their best 50 websites.

Surprisingly some very big names are missing, and less well-known names have made it on to the list. Bear in mind this list is written in the US, but even so, the web is very much a worldwide entity.

For example, in the social media category there is no Facebook or Twitter, but a much smaller site called Foodspotting has been nominated. Foodspotting lets users upload reviews and photos of restaurants as they sample their wares. The site uses the geographical awareness of Gowalla.

There is no YouTube in the video category, but an unfamiliar site called Labuat has been listed and described as ‘captivating’ and ‘mesmerising’. Labuat lets you paint to music, it has to be tried to be fully understood.

The family and kids category does include Etsy and Sesame Street and the news category includes big-hitters The Guardian and The Onion, plus recently in the news Wikileaks.

Other categories include shopping, finance, sports and health. View the whole article at Time.

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September 30, 2010 at 8:20 am

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