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Delve into Caerleon’s history by smartphone

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Digital and historical experts at the University of Wales, Newport, have worked together to create a smartphone app allowing visitors to take a virtual tour around the Roman town.

The Roman Caerleon trail is made up of 18 destinations and takes visitors back in time with their own centurion guide Flavius Rufus.

Smartphone users can download a free scanner application to access the tour.

Video clips of the 18 locations are loaded onto the phone by scanning a barcode on a free, specially-produced map of Roman Caerleon.

The smartphone trail has been produced as part of a project for the People’s Collection of Wales, an online resource funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and dedicated to documenting the history of Wales through stories and collections of artefacts.

The university’s Institute of Digital Learning and the South Wales Centre for Historical and Interdisciplinary Research (SWCHIR) have collaborated with the National Roman Legion Museum, Cadw and the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales to create the smartphone app which can be used on both iPhone and Android platforms.

The application has launched in time for the Ryder Cup and the developers hope that by using innovative technology visitors from around the world will be able to learn more and appreciate the town’s rich history at their fingertips.

Matt Chilcott, development director for the university’s Institute of Digital Learning says the smartphone tour could be useful for Ryder Cup visitors who want to experience the town’s Roman history but may not have time to read a guidebook.

“With so many visitors to the area, we were keen to do something modern, creative and innovative, but building on our local history and culture,” he said.

“Marrying the most up to date technology with ancient history seemed to be a great way to do this.”

Dr Ray Howell, director of SWCHIR, added: “While most visitors will be focusing on the 18 holes, they will no doubt want to see something different too.

“This project provides one of the most exciting and innovative things for our international guests to do in their time off.”

Source: BBC Wales

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Written by C Kenzie

October 4, 2010 at 9:16 am

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