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BT forced to open up infrastructure for broadband provision

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BT will have to give other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) access to its fibre network, underground ducts and telegraph poles to help drive the deployment of superfast broadband after a ruling by Ofcom.

The regulator explained that it wants BT to offer a dedicated virtual link on its fibre lines to other ISPs on a wholesale basis, the price of which can be set by BT, to promote competition and ensure a monopoly isn’t created.

Ofcom explained it wants BT to offer access to its underground ducts and telegraph poles to allow other ISPs to deploy their own hardware to help push broadband in areas where BT is not planning a fibre rollout.

Virgin Media looks set to take advantage of BT’s network infrastructure to help bring superfast broadband to remote areas of the UK that cannot be served through traditional fibre deployments.

Virgin Media has already trialled the use of telegraph poles before, in Cromlin, South Wales, using infrastructure owned by Western Power Distribution. These trials have resulted in speeds of 50Mbit/s and the company has said it expects it could reach some one million more homes through the use of aerial deployments.


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October 20, 2010 at 8:50 am

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