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Using social media in social housing

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The Guardian’s housing network blog has posted a Q&A round-up about how housing associations should be using more social media to update tenants and engage with young people, especially with the recent growth in smartphones.

The writers suggests the best way to engage with a range of different people by using different social media tools and networks.

Housing associations should not try to create something new but to use what is already there. A good start is to create a community on Facebook, but social media can also be used for e.g. making annoucements and news bulletins via Twitter.

An important factor is to regularly use the network to talk to subscribers and start a conversation. Deal with negative comments quickly and positively.

Start with a social media plan to focus efforts as social media can be time consuming if not strictly organised. Once a community has been built up on Facebook, for example, or a good amount of communication is happening on Twitter, a housing association could expand its range and help digitally include tenants further by starting a YouTube channel or a community radio station.

Other forms of digital media should not be forgotten, such as using SMS text messages to remind people of appointments.

Read the full article: Guardian housing network blog

For more information about how your housing association can help to digitally include tenants, visit


Written by C Kenzie

March 8, 2011 at 11:07 am

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