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Positive news for Welsh CVCs

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Positive news : The Big Lottery Fund is to launch a £12m grants fund to help county voluntary councils develop projects that will benefit communities in Wales. The programme, called Community Voice, will be launched in June and offer grants of up to £1m.

Under the scheme, CVCs – the equivalent in Wales of councils for voluntary service in England – will be expected to work with other organisations and citizens to develop community-led projects designed to meet local needs. CVCs that draw up joint applications could be eligible for larger grants.

A BLF spokesman said it was planning to hand out about 12 grants, which will run for between four and six years.

Each application will need to demonstrate how it will link to local services, he said.

John Rose, acting Wales director at the BLF, said the programme would provide more of an opportunity for Welsh communities to get their voices heard. “It is about people speaking out to influence the decisions that affect their community and their own lives,” he said.

“We want this programme to support them to become more sustainable and resilient to future economic, social and environmental challenges, as well as developing a stronger sense of community.”

More details about the fund will be released on the BLF website when it is launched later this year.

Author: Ryan Jones

For more information and support for social enterprises, co-operatives and community groups, visit the Wales Co-operative Centre.


Written by C Kenzie

April 5, 2011 at 9:18 am

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