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The young, the Welsh and women: Britain’s new coupon clipping heroes

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New research from CouponCoupon uncovers a new generation of savvy money savers.

Cutting out coupons from the back of packets may be a thing of the past, but research has uncovered a new generation of British coupon clippers thriving on the digital alternative.

An online YouGov survey of over 2,000 British adults, commissioned by, reveals that women, those aged between 25-34 years and those living in Wales, are making the biggest savings by tapping into the benefits of coupon, discount and voucher codes.

Intent on shopping around and never paying full price, the survey shows that 25-34 year olds think they are saving on average more than £300 a year by using coupon, discount and voucher codes – almost £50 more than the national average. Almost half (48%) search for voucher codes before checking out online, compared to 32% nationally, while as many as 43% visit a coupon or voucher code site when shopping, compared to just 28% across Britain.

When it comes to differences between male and female buying habits, when shopping or thinking about buying an item, 32% of women will visit a coupon code site, compared to 25% of men. In addition, 28% of women said they are more likely to shop with a retailer they have a coupon for than one they don’t, compared to 22% of men.

Almost half of people living in Wales (47%) search for a voucher code before buying online, with other regions seemingly less switched on to the benefits, such as Scotland (22%) and those in the North West (28%).

Kenny DeAngelis, founder of, comments: “The children of the early eighties remember queuing up at the supermarket with their parents, armed with coupons cut out from magazines and the back of packets to save on the weekly shop. Those 25-34 year olds are now leading a new wave of money saving in Britain. It’s cool to coupon and these canny shoppers have no hesitation in cashing in vouchers or using coupon codes to bag a bargain.”

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Communities 2.0 have produced a series of How to guides. Read How to save money online – offers and vouchers websites for a guide to the coupon websites.


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June 3, 2011 at 9:18 am

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