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90 year old Greta says ‘go for it’

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Greta is 90 years old and has been going to IT training sessions as part of the Digital Heritage in the Community initiative in West Wales.

She believes that computers are a big part of daily life now and being online is very important. “You are connected with the whole world” she states. Her computer use before the course had been restricted to using a computer “as a typewriter”.

Greta says if you’re thinking of learning to use a computer then “…go for it. You can always go on a course”.

(and if you know someone who wants to learn you can always get in touch with Communities 2.0 if they are in the Convergence area of Wales on 0845 474 8282 or see

Communities 2.0 have produced a series of ‘How to’ guides e.g. see Start blogging for a guide to setting up your first blog.
For more information and support with getting online and using new technologies, visit


Written by C Kenzie

July 12, 2011 at 8:20 am

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