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Guess who’s back? Tough decisions for the Baker Boy’s

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So the wanderer returns. Rob is back and this time he really does mean business.

This first episode is set just six weeks after the end of the last series and it demonstrates that the early days of any business – whether they are a start-up SME or an employee owned enterprise – can be tough. It is essential for every business to have a strong business plan that can ensure their survival in the event of the loss of a major customer (as it looks like Valleys Bara has lost Capaldi’s tonight).

The episode begins to address some of the major issues that worker owned businesses need to consider: shares, ownership, management structure, succession and the effect the decision to buy out a firm could have on family and friends.

Dave and Lucy’s debt situation is a sadly accurate depiction of the sort of financial problems we can find ourselves slipping in to all too easily. Although the obvious advice here is never to use payday loans where the interest rates are astronomical there are other alternatives. In Wales, it is possible to access credit union services, no matter where we live or work. Credit unions work with their customers, who become members, to help them manage their money whatever level of income they have or whether they are having financial problems or not. People save and borrow at reasonable rates with the emphasis on flexibility and  affordability. For some people going to their credit union for a loan, in desperation, when they have money worries, leads to a whole series of advice and support that means that borrowing isn’t necessary. Specialists in advice such as the Citizens Advice Bureau work closely with credit unions so it can be a gateway to the solutions that Dave and Lucy need to find.

Click here for further information on the Wales Co-operative Centre’s work on Financial Inclusion

This episode is all about independence and standing up for yourself on your own. Nathan’s independence from his Dad. Sarah’s independence from Rob and Owen, Dave and Lucy’s financial independence. And, of course, Valley Bara’s independence as a business and as a focus for a community.

For more information on how the Wales Co-operative Centre can help with employee ownership and co-operative development in your communities, click here.

The Wales Co-operative Centre was set up thirty years ago and ever since we’ve been helping businesses grow, people to find work and communities to tackle the issues that matter to them.  Our advisors work co-operatively across Wales, providing expert, flexible and reliable support to develop sustainable businesses and strong, inclusive communities.

Missed this episode? Watch it on BBC iPlayer here


Written by David Madge

November 24, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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