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Social Enterprise Day 2012 – A day in the life of a Care & Repair Services Handyperson Administrator

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A photo of the Care & Repair Swansea staff team

My name is Carys Rumbelow and I am a Handyperson Administrator for the company Care & Repair Services.  I have only been working for Care & Repair Services for 4 months.  We work within the construction industry where we offer a building maintenance and adaptation service.  One of our main clients is Swansea Care & Repair (a charity) which helps older and disabled clients with their home adaption needs, allowing them to remain safe and secure in their own homes for as long as possible.

No day is ever the same. It is good to start out the working day knowing that you are making a difference and improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in South Wales. Working with a fantastic and dedicated team of people is one of the most enjoyable things about my job.

8am – I arrive at work and ready my team of Handypersons to start their daily jobs.  We start the day with a short meeting and cup of hot tea.  This is a good time to discuss any problems from the previous day. My team consists of 7 handypersons and 2 handyperson assistants. Their specialities vary from a qualified plumber, electrician, carpenter and general builders.  The handypersons get their day started by checking that their vans are stocked ready for their list of work for the day.

9am – By this time the Handypersons are out on the vans on the way to their first clients of the day.  My job then is to look over the jobs completed from the previous day ensuring all work has been completed and any notes are inputted onto the diary alongside the relevant job.  I then scan onto the system any assessed works to ensure we have a copy of them before handing the work over to the estimator for costing.

10am – 11am – I start working through my e-mails received from Swansea Care & Repair for requested work to be completed.  I type up a Job Sheet for each request and organise into relevant specialities for each handyperson.  This gives me a chance to also check if any specialised stock needs to be ordered for that work to be completed.

Between 12pm-1pm I take lunch for ½ hour. The short break away from my desk allows me to relax and think about the afternoons tasks.

1pm – After completing all job sheets for the requested works I then provisionally schedule the handypersons into our works diary.  This is sometimes booked as far as 3 weeks in advance.  I then call the client to check that they will be available on that date. If convenient I convert the appointment to confirmed. If the date is not convenient then I will give alternative dates to the client.  This work alone can take all day depending on the number of referral requests we get, throughout the day, from the charity or our own clients.

2pm- Throughout the afternoon I spend my time split between scheduling and organising the handypersons next day.  This includes printing off a diary list of work booked for the following day, making up zip pocket files with all relevant jobsheets and company statutory forms.  I then take them into the warehouse where I put them into the corresponding handypersons pigeon holes for them to collect in the morning.

3pm- Throughout the day I also monitor the phone lines and take new referrals for work.  The handypersons start to return back to base around this time. If there any specific problems that might have arisen I will get involved in solving them. The handypersons also use this time to organise and sort out any stock needed for the next day.

4pm- The day ends. Hopefully everything is organised and sorted for the next day.

For more information on Care & Repair Services, visit


Written by Mark Smith

November 15, 2012 at 4:00 pm

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