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Merthyr Tydfil group takes to Twitter on Digital Day

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I dropped in on the drop-in session at Merthyr Library as part of Digital Day, reports Matthew Close of the Wales Co-operative Centre Marketing Team. It was really interesting to get out and see some of the great work being done by the team in communities across Wales.

Pat is new to computers. She’s been getting tired of ringing up companies on the phone with queries, only to be told to go online to find the answers. With the help of Laura from Communities 2.0, she’s set up an email and Twitter account. Indeed, my first task was to provide a practical demonstration of the wonders of Twitter! I took a photo of the group and posted it on Twitter, showing how quickly it could be done. Later, Pat and Laura took to Google to look at what’s on in the local cinema. Pat was quite keen on The Great Gatsby, if only to compare it to the Robert Redford version!

The photo of the group that was uploaded to Twitter

The photo of the group that was uploaded to Twitter

Bernard was clearly a man with good taste, trying as he was to set up his Sky account on his laptop so that he could watch the cricket. A great plan indeed! It was just a shame that, once he was up and running, the covers were still on and the rain still coming down. That’s one thing technology can’t quite sort out! With the help of Deborah, who was volunteering her time, he also set himself up a Twitter account, continuing to display his love of sport by following the IPL and also some of the players who will be touring Australia with the Lions this summer. He was also keen to get to grips with Skype, so that he could talk to relatives out in Canada, as well as getting some of his family set up on it too!

We finished off trying to find someone interesting on Twitter, someone that doesn’t tweet about what they had for breakfast. Chris Hadfield, Space Commander and former resident of the International Space Station, was the ideal candidate, the kind of person whose breakfast would probably be genuinely interesting! I’d never come across him before and was amazed at some of the pictures of Earth that he had been tweeting from Space! Amazing stuff and proof that that old maxim ‘you learn something new every day’ might not be too far off the mark.

Sessions like this really show me the importance of the digital inclusion work that we do. Whether its getting someone online for the first time, showing them an out-of-this-world experience, or introducing them to the modern day wonder that is the search engine, getting people online has never been so important.


Written by Mark Smith

May 24, 2013 at 4:16 pm

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