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Working with Rae and Pencoed Growers – Digital Day 2013

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We’re running a social media ‘marathon’ for the ‘Digital Day’ of Adult Learners’ Week, led by Communities 2.0 and NIACE Dysgu Cymru.

Our Marketing Officers are out and about, visiting special activities on Digital Day. Here’s a report from David Madge…

I’ve joined Rae, one of the Communities 2.0 Circuit Riders with Yvonne at Pencoed Growers near Llanilltid, just off Junction 35 of the M4.pencoed growers 2

Pencoed Growers is a supplier of home grown, organic salads and vegetables. Rae has been working with them to develop a WordPress website, a Facebook company page and to streamline their email marketing approach.

When we arrived this morning Yvonne had a list of questions ready for Rae. These included how to use her new email programme, how to edit posts on Facebook and how to upload photo’s on to Facebook.

Yvonne had recently bought a new laptop and her email contacts list hadn’t transferred correctly to her new laptop. Rae was able to help her find her contact groups, import them into the email system and help her to send out a test email.

Yvonne wanted to let her customers know about their new Facebook page but didn’t know how to put the link from Facebook into an email. Rae showed her how to copy and paste the link and explained how the link could be included in a permanent email signature.

We’ve looked at adding pictures to Facebook and how to build up followers and friends on a company page and on a personal page. As Pencoed Growers produces fresh farm produce they benefit from the seasonality of their produce: as fresh crops are ready there is a steady stream of information and pictures that can be added to the Facebook page. We discussed a regular update on the growth of their Christmas trees, veg faces and directly informing customers when a new crop is ready and on sale. At the moment there are turnips ready to go – I’m not a big fan of turnips but I didn’t realise they could be eaten raw in salads – we discussed putting images of turnip salads on Facebook with a recipe.

produce grown at Pencoed Growers

Some of the produce at Pencoed Growers

Rae has been going through the Facebook privacy settings on the accounts to limit searchability on external search engines and to limit people tagging images.

Next step… Twitter!

Further information about Pencoed Growers can  be found on their website or their Facebook page.


Written by David Madge

May 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm

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