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Brian finds work following Communities 2.0 library sessions – #povertyinwales

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As part of its work, Communities 2.0 has delivered – and supported the delivery of – free, drop-in computer sessions in libraries and other community venues around Wales.

In the last twelve months, there has been an increase in the number of people supported by the project that have wanted to get online in order to find work. This has also been influenced by the ongoing welfare reforms, where people are having to claim benefits online through the Universal Credit programme.

Not to be confused with Universal Jobmatch – this is the site that jobseekers now have to use to conduct their job searches on, so this has been a significant factor in people’s motivation to get online. Drop-in sessions have enabled people to learn whatever they wanted, at a pace that suited them. However, in the context of using the web to find employment, they have complemented the more structured ‘Web for Work’ course that Communities 2.0 has made available.

Brian Allen was a beneficiary of this support in Tredegar Library. Brian was unemployed and had been advised by his local Job Centre Plus to attend the free courses that were available at the library. He thought that attending computer classes would help him to find work, as he had little knowledge of sending e-mails, including the use of attachments which can be used to send a CV.


Brian told Communities 2.0 that his only previously experience of using computers, prior to the classes, was self-taught, basic internet searches: “When I came to use the computer to find work, through Universal Jobmatch, I was unsure how to apply for positions and how to upload my CV”.

Following the sessions, Brian now feels he has gained the skills required to search and apply for other jobs in the future. He has found temporary work, following the sessions but wants to learn more about computers: “I would like to gain a little more experience, based on what I’ve already learnt, in order to be 100% confident of what I’m doing online. I would advise anybody who is out of work to gain as much computer knowledge as possible, as it is required when applying for most positions”.

Many community drop-in sessions can be found on the ‘Computer Courses Near You’ facility on the Communities 2.0 website.

This is an example of how Communities 2.0 is supporting the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty Action Plan.


Written by Mark Smith

November 10, 2013 at 9:00 am

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