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Buy social and make twice the difference this Christmas #GoFullCircle

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Derek Walker, Chief Executive of the Wales Co-operative Centre, opens our ‘Go Full Circle for Christmas’ campaign with a blog post about why supporting social enterprise at this time of year makes a difference…

“Welcome to the first in a series of blogs to encourage you to support social enterprise and co-operative businesses over the Christmas period. Our Go Full Circle campaign is all about encouraging you to shop with a local social business over the next few weeks.

Picture of Derek Walker

Derek Walker

There are social businesses across Wales selling good quality items, ideal for Christmas presents. From beautiful glass products (Ten Green Bottles) to locally made cider (Welsh Perry & Cider Society), and from garden furniture (MTIB) to scented candles, firelighters and soaps (Beacons Creative), there really is something for everyone. These award winning enterprises want your business this Christmas.

There are also hundreds of social businesses that are helping people in need throughout the year. For instance Fare Share distributes surplus ‘fit for purpose’ product from the food and drink industry to organisations working with disadvantaged people in the community.  We will be telling you more about their good work over the next two weeks.

If you buy social, you give twice – firstly to the recipient but also to a good cause. It works in a similar way to buying charity Christmas cards. Social enterprises aren’t just successful businesses, they also have a social purpose. That purpose might be providing work for disabled people, helping to tackle climate change or supporting clean water projects in Africa. By shopping with these businesses, you are getting high quality goods and helping some excellent causes at the same time.


Written by Catherine Evans

December 9, 2013 at 10:53 am

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