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Positive results for the Social Enterprise Support Project

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December saw the production of the latest Social Enterprise Support Project evaluation reports, the fourth for the Convergence project and first for the Competitiveness project. The reports detail how the projects were planned and set up; they detail the major stakeholders; the funders; they critique the management and delivery processes, the administration protocols and targets; and, of course, they describe the actual delivery.

A large portion of the reports cover the findings of a longitudinal survey conducted with clients – some are new clients, some are clients who have been interviewed, by the evaluators, a number of times throughout the projects. Much of this survey’s results show the progress clients are making as a result of the on going work of the Social Enterprise Support Projects. The report highlights evidence of progression against eleven organisational areas including: an ability to respond to new opportunities, an ability to market ourselves, an ability to competitively tender, an ability to generate profit, an ability to generate income, quality of service/ product, confidence, willingness to embrace risk, leadership and management skills, networking skills and finally overall business acumen.

Here are some quotes from the reports:

Firstly from clients:

Talking about the support the project has given –

  • “This has been absolutely fantastic. Manna from heaven for us”
  • “This support continues to give us the confidence to seek to grow the enterprise in appropriate ways.”
  • “We’re incredibly grateful for the help we’ve had. Sitting and thinking about it now, it’s been a huge help to us as a social enterprise and as a team”
  • “Could not have gone through the process without the help from the DO – she made it all happen”
  • “It was great having an individual to contact who had the expertise and who we could go to if we had questions to ask, knowing they would be answered well.”

In relation to the Bespoke training –

  • “I don’t know if everyone uses it but they should- it’s excellent.”
  • “They’ve been awesome”
  • “The help has been excellent, really useful.”

And from the Evaluators themselves:

  • “….interventions made to date have been of real quality and have made a difference to the clients engaged.”
  • “Satisfaction levels with Development Officers support is very high – extremely or very satisfied at 87%,
  • “92% satisfaction rates for training”
  • “All respondents who had received subsequent support from their DO were either extremely or very satisfied with the support received”
  • “Over two thirds (68%) of respondents were extremely or very satisfied with the type of support they had received”

Written by Social Enterprise Support Project Managers – Nicola Mehegan and Paul Ashman.

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The Wales Co-operative Centre was set up thirty years ago and ever since has been helping businesses grow, people to find work and communities to tackle the issues that matter to them. Its advisors work co-operatively across Wales, providing expert, flexible and reliable support to develop sustainable businesses and strong, inclusive communities.


Written by Ieuan Nash

February 25, 2014 at 3:37 pm

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