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New Capital Gains Tax rules encourage owners to sell to their staff / Rheolau newydd ar gyfer Treth ar Enillion Cyfalaf yn annog perchnogion busnes i werthu i’w staff

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New Capital Gains Tax rules encourage owners to sell to their staff / Rheolau newydd ar gyfer Treth ar Enillion Cyfalaf yn annog perchnogion busnes i werthu i’w staff

Business owners across the UK could be benefiting from selling their businesses to their employees when new Capital Gains Tax Reliefs come into force this April. Business owners who sell a controlling stake in their company to an Employee Share Trust, which is owned and run by all the businesses employees will be able to benefit from drastically reduced tax on the profit from the sale.

In Wales, the Wales Co-operative Centre is hosting a number of breakfast seminars looking at the benefits of employee ownership and how the new tax incentives can benefit business owners who would like to move on from the business.

The events in Cardiff, Carmarthen and Bodnant in North Wales will also consider the employee owned trust model, how employee ownership works and the benefits for the business owner and the employees.

The seminars will be of interest to business owners interested in looking at their exit strategies and to business advisors who want to know more about the approach..

Rhian Edwards is Manager of the Welsh Government and ERDF funded Succession project at the Wales Co-operative Centre. She commented,

“This new tax relief makes it extremely attractive for business owners to consider employee ownership as a planned exit strategy. It offers the best of both worlds, a tax efficient exit strategy and an approach that engages employees and puts them in charge of their own futures”.

Further information can be found on the Wales Co-operative Centres Website

Places can be booked directly by calling the Centre on 0300 111 5050


Gallai perchnogion busnes ledled y DU elwa ar werthu eu busnesau i’w gweithwyr pan ddaw Ryddhad Treth ar Enillion Cyfalaf newydd i rym fis Ebrill eleni. Bydd perchnogion busnes sy’n gwerthu cyfran reoli yn eu cwmni i Ymddiriedolaeth Perchnogaeth Gweithwyr, sy’n eiddo i holl weithwyr y busnes ac yn cael ei reoli ganddynt, yn gallu elwa ar ostyngiad treth enfawr ar yr elw o’r gwerthiant.

Yng Nghymru, mae Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru’n cynnal nifer o seminarau brecwast i edrych ar fanteision perchnogaeth gweithwyr a sut y gall y cymhelliant treth newydd fod yn fuddiol i berchnogion busnes a hoffai symud ymlaen o’r busnes.

Bydd y digwyddiadau yng Nghaerdydd, Caerfyrddin a Bodnant yng Ngogledd Cymru hefyd yn ystyried yr ymddiriedolaethau newydd, sut y mae perchnogaeth gweithwyr yn gweithio a’r manteision ar gyfer perchennog y busnes a’r gweithwyr.

Bydd y seminarau o ddiddordeb i berchnogion busnes sydd â diddordeb mewn ystyried eu strategaethau ymadael ac i ymgynghorwyr busnes sy’n dymuno gwybod rhagor am yr ymagwedd er mwyn cynghori’u cleientiaid.

Rhian Edwards yw Rheolwr y prosiect Olyniaeth dan nawdd Llywodraeth Cymru a Chronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop yng Nghanolfan Cydweithredol Cymru. Dywedodd,

“Mae’r rhyddhad treth newydd hwn yn hynod o ddeniadol i berchnogion busnes ystyried perchnogaeth gweithwyr yn strategaeth ymadael fwriadol. Mae’n cynnig y gorau o ddau fyd, sef strategaeth ymadael sy’n effeithlon o ran treth ac ymagwedd sy’n ymglymu gweithwyr a’u gwneud yn gyfrifol am eu dyfodol eu hunain.”

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ar gael ar wefan Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru

Gellir cadw lle’n uniongyrchol hefyd trwy ffonio’r Ganolfan ar 0300 111 5050




Wales Co-operative Centre

The Wales Co-operative Centre was set up thirty years ago and ever since has been helping businesses grow, people to find work and communities to tackle the issues that matter to them. Its advisors work co-operatively across Wales, providing expert, flexible and reliable support to develop sustainable businesses and strong, inclusive communities.

Succession and Consortia Project

The Wales Co-operative Centre’s Succession and Consortia project is funded by Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund. It offers support to business owners and employees considering employee ownership and creation of worker co-operatives. It also offers support to businesses working to work together to form co-operative consortia.

Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru

Sefydlwyd Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru ddeng mlynedd ar hugain yn ôl ac ers hynny bu’n helpu busnesau i dyfu, pobl i gael gwaith a chymunedau i ddatrys y problemau sydd o bwys iddynt. Mae ymgynghorwyr y Ganolfan yn gweithio’n gydweithredol ledled Cymru, gan ddarparu cefnogaeth arbenigol, hyblyg a dibynadwy er mwyn datblygu busnesau cynaliadwy a chymunedau cadarn a chynhwysol.

Prosiect Olyniaeth a Chonsortia

Ariannir prosiect Olyniaeth a Chonsortia Canolfan Cydweithredol Cymru gan Lywodraeth Cymru a Chronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop. Mae’n cynnig cefnogaeth i berchnogion busnes a gweithwyr sy’n ystyried perchnogaeth gweithwyr a chreu mentrau cydweithredol y gweithwyr. Mae hefyd yn cynnig cefnogaeth i fusnesau sy’n gweithio ar gydweithio i ffurfio consortia cydweithredol.



A ‘Commons Sense’ approach to housing

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A ‘Commons Sense’ approach to housing

The Wales Co-operative Centre champions co-operative working as a way of helping people to do things for themselves. For just over a year the Centre has been working successfully to support the development of a number of new co-operative housing schemes across Wales.

Two years ago, a conference was held in Letchworth – the first Garden City – about the potential to develop urban community land trusts and new ‘Garden Cities’ across the UK.

A ‘Garden City’ is, “…a town designed for healthy living and industry of a size that makes possible a full measure of social life but not larger, surrounded by a rural belt; the whole of the land being in public ownership, or held in trust for the community.”

Rhiwbina in Cardiff was developed as a garden village a century ago.

New garden cities are needed to tackle the UK’s housing crisis, create sustainable communities and help young people get on the housing ladder. With 1.7m people in the UK waiting for social housing and half a million overcrowded households, radical housing solutions are required. Support for a new generation of garden cities is growing with the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition all making supportive statements in the last two years.

Co-operatives UK has just published, ‘Commons Sense – Co-operative place making and the capturing of land value for 21st century Garden Cities’, a report from the Letchworth conference that compellingly captures the speeches and workshops. There are fascinating contributions on The Garden City Movement. From Wales, there is a section on Co-operatives and Mutual Home Ownership from David A Rodgers, recent Housing President of the International Co-operatives Alliance, and on Co-operative Housing from Rhidian Jones, Head of Affordable Housing, Department for Housing and Regeneration, The Welsh Government. There is also a section on the challenges to developing Community Land Trusts for urban land stewardship by Catherine Harrington, National Co-ordinator, of the National Community Land Trust Network.

The report highlights the inequalities in land ownership in the UK –

‘Few people are aware of the intensive concentration of landownership in Britain with 36,000 people (0.06% of the population) owning about half the land’….and 0.6% of the UK housing stock being in Co-operative ownership!

It goes on to make 10 recommendations which will help in shaping the innovative co-operative economic policy frameworks for Wales, and to continue to advance the work that the Wales Co-operative Centre is delivering across the country.

There are 2 recommendations with particular relevance to Wales:-

Multi-stakeholder co-operatives for the Common Good:

Forging a coalition to unleash the untapped potential to join up Community-led housing solutions including Community Land Trusts, co-operative housing of all tenures (rental and shared equity), Community Self-build and Co-housing. The Welsh Government has acted upon this and the Wales Co-operative Centre is a key partner. This network of multi-stakeholder co-operatives has been developed to link the community land solutions for housing that require access to sites.

Social-Public Partnerships:

Dynamic social-public partnerships are vital. The enabling strategy currently being developed for mutual housing in Wales and supported by government and the Wales Co-operative Centre should become commonplace across the UK.

Since the inception of the Wales Co-operative Centre’s Co-operative Housing project in 2012, the Centre has worked hard with Welsh Government and other stakeholders, to promote the co-operative model as one way of addressing the need for affordable homes.

Some key achievements of the project include: –

  • Co-operative housing specialists from across the UK have been procured under a framework agreement with the Centre. This specialist knowledge has brought new skills in to Wales with specialist providers helping eight potential co-operative housing schemes.
  • Commissioned research in to the demand for co-operative housing within Wales with a particular emphasis on Cardiff, Newport and Carmarthen. The report also looked at the perception of co-operative housing, barriers to setting them up and the factors that would attract people to want to join a co-operative housing scheme. A set of practical recommendations for those involved in developing and marketing co-operative housing schemes in Wales were also developed as part of this research.
  • Over a hundred individual beneficiaries been given information and advice around co-operative housing.
  • Support provided to sixteen pioneer projects.
  • Support provided to 2 advanced pioneer projects to allow them to become ‘shovel’ ready before the end of March 2014.- Support will be required beyond this date.
  • Welsh Government offered £1.9M in Social Housing Grant’s to 3 advanced pioneer schemes and three Registered Social Landlord’s ready to take up this allocation and build 89 co-operative homes.
  • In addition to the above, over several hundred potential co-operative homes identified in ‘the pipeline’, together with numerous emerging pioneer projects.

It has been an exciting time for co-operative housing within Wales over the last two years. We have three advanced pioneer projects which will soon start work with Registered Social Landlord partners to build co-operatively owned homes in Wales. As a result of the support of the Centre’s project there are groups of people across Wales looking at innovative ways of using co-operative models to provide access to affordable housing.

If all of these schemes progress as envisaged then Wales will be seen as an emerging leader in innovative co-operative housing solutions.

This excellent report builds on the conference and re-enforces the support given to the 8-12 pioneering co-operative housing projects by the Wales Co-operative Centre, and will assist them all moving forward on the ground this year.

Dave Palmer is Co-operative Housing Project Manager at the Wales Co-operative Centre

Looking for ethically traded crafts or Fairtrade certified stocking fillers? Pop into Fair Do’s this Christmas #GoFullCircle

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Looking for ethically traded crafts or Fairtrade certified stocking fillers?  Pop into Fair Do’s this Christmas #GoFullCircle

This blog post is the latest part of our Winter ‘Go Full Circle’ campaign, which is promoting the role of – and encouraging consumers to support – Welsh social enterprises, co-operatives and other community organisations in the run-up to Christmas.

Looking for ethically traded crafts or Fairtrade certified stocking fillers? Pop into Fair Do’s this Christmas #GoFullCircle

Fair Do’s is one of the biggest Fair Trade shops in Wales and has been right behind the campaign to make Wales a Fair Trade Nation. Many volunteers help run the shop which has a massive choice of products and provides a great service in offering sale or return goods to school groups to raise awareness of Fairtrade. So if you are looking for ethically traded crafts or Fairtrade certified chocolate stocking fillers, pop into Fair Do’s.

All stock is Fairtrade certified or comes from British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) approved suppliers or members of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Beautiful quality crafts on sale include children’s wooden puzzles and toys, hand made by Lanke Cade in Sri Lanka. The organisation represents small family businesses, there is no middleman and employees are paid a fair wage promptly and have safe working conditions. Musical instruments from recycled materials also make great eco gifts.

Other top sellers this Christmas are sustainable bamboo whistles from Indonesia, silver table ware from India by the brand Created (formally Tearcraft) and jewellery. Fair Do’s started its first direct trading relationship with Fair Trade Egypt, importing artisan produced jewellery and scarves. The initiative helps preserve traditional craft skills and represent marginalised producers.

A Christmas hamper could be filled with chocolate from brands like Divine and Seed and Bean with plenty of choices for special diets. Stacks of snacks from Traidcraft would compliment a great Christmas aperitif. With these Fairtrade certified products the producers also get a premium to use for community improvement.

There are also herbs and spices for mulled wine and teas and coffees from co-operative brands like Essential and Equal Exchange. Zaytoun olive oil and dates from Palestine make great gifts and for the past few years there has been olive oil tastings with Palestinian Farmers at Chapter during Fairtrade Fortnight.

This little corner of Canton is really doing its bit to make Christmas a bit more meaningful. Jan Tucker started the shop in 1998, and is now Executive Director. Jan says:
“Our customers are making a huge difference to lives of farmers and artisans in the developing world.

“We have been fortunate to have had dozens of visitors from producer communities over the years, including coffee growers from South America, banana farmers from the Caribbean, jewellery makers from East Africa and Palestinian olive farmers. All our visitors have told us how fair trade has made a huge difference to them, their families and their communities. On their behalf we would like to thank our loyal customers, our dedicated volunteers, and the committed representatives who between them run hundreds of sale and return events every year in South Wales and beyond and wish them a Happy Christmas.”

Fair Do’s has recently become a CIC (Community Interest Company) with support from the Wales Co-operative Centre.

Visit Fair Do’s Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 5pm

10 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff CF11 9NJ

Or for more information or to run a stall in a school or group contact
Telephone 02920 222066

The organisation featured in this blog post is just one of many that you can support. Many more can be found on our Go Full Circle directory. Happy Christmas and ‘buy social’.

Written by David Madge

December 16, 2013 at 8:45 am

Wales Co-operative Centre vacancy for Director of Corporate Services

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Position: Director of Corporate Services

Period of Employment: Continuous, subject to appropriate continued funding
Accountable to: Chief Executive
Location: Cardiff
Salary: £46,519 – £51,606

The Wales Co-operative Centre, the UK’s largest Co-operative Development Agency, seeks to employ a dynamic and multi-disciplined Director of Corporate Services who will strategically lead the Centre’s financial, administrative, ICT and HR systems and controls.

The successful candidate will be a qualified accountant with sound knowledge and experience of European funding, providing strategic direction, achieving the highest standards of financial management and corporate governance.

With experience of managing at a senior level, the successful candidate will champion the Centre’s values and be committed to continual organisational improvement and efficiencies.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm Thursday 23rd June 2011.

Please visit for more information and to apply.


Cardiff statues get in on the act for Fairtrade Fortnight

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Statues around Cardiff have been helping to promote this year’s Fairtrade Fornight (28th Feb – 13th Mar) theme ‘Show Off Your Label’. They’ve kindly agreed to be photographed wearing Fair Trade clothing.

The panther on the animal wall at Cardiff Castle wears a Fair Trade hoodie from Gossypium:

Panther on the animal wall at Cardiff Castle

‘People Like Us’, wearing a woman’s blue cardigan with a Fairtrade themed cotton apron; both items come from Cardiff Fair Trade shop Fair Do’s. The male figure is wearing one of Gossypium’s cotton hats, and the cotton hat and scarf worn by his dog is from the same set:

‘Girl’ by Robert Thomas is wearing a Fair Trade cotton scarf and Fair Trade woollen hat also from Fair Do’s:

To see more photos please visit Wales Co-operative Centre on Flickr.

Two thirds of UK households buy fair trade products, yet less than 1% of the UK cotton market is fair trade. This suggests that while demand is high, the textiles trade is yet to tap those sales.

So in addition to our profile raising photos, we’re also mailing letters to businesses that encourage them to sell fair trade cotton products. But…we also printed the letters on fair trade cotton. That way, people in a position to supply the high demand for fair trade clothes etc. will have a sample of the cloth, as well as a host of reasons to buy it.

(In spite of the recession, people spent more on fair trade products, with the average spend rising by 5.5%. A free poll has also found that a massive 96% of consumers would pay extra for ethical goods. Recently, the fair trade market in Britain shattered the £1 bn. mark.)

See the buzz around fair trade cotton at For fair trade enquiries, the Wales Co-operative Centre can be contacted on 0300 111 5050.

To find out what else we’re doing to promote Fairtrade Fortnight, please visit our website Fairtrade Fortnight at the Wales Co-operative Centre.

The Wales Co-operative Centre offers support and advice to Welsh businesses looking to adopt a Fair Trade policy or start a specialist Fairtrade business.

Written by C Kenzie

February 28, 2011 at 9:15 am

Creative Industries event, 16 March 2011

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Do you, or have you ever thought about collaborating with others to benefit your work or business?

A free interactive event organised by Co-operatives UK, Co-operatives & Mutuals Wales and Wales Co-operative Centre aimed at everyone in the Creative Industries interested in forming a co-operative.

Whether you’re into fashion or film, advertising or animation, co-operatives can help you share ideas, costs and contacts.

Where: Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Cardiff
When: 12.30 – 16.30, 16 March 2011

Designed for freelancers, graduates, creatives and advisors, this workshop will help you find out about co-operatives, meet potential collaborators, talk to people who’ve been there and done it and get the advice and contacts to get started.

  • Network with Wales creatives interested in co-operatives and collaborating
  • Hear from leading figures in the creative industries and the co-operative sector
  • Meet inspirational co-operatives in the creative sectors
  • Get advice and support from experienced business and collaboration specialists
  • Leave armed with cracking ideas, inspiring contacts and a copy of Creative Co-operatives

The event will cover all types of co-operative from worker owned and run to not-for-profit community based co-operatives.

The event will cover some of the legal and technical issues involved in registering a Co-operative as well as some success stories from those who have already done so.

Get more information about co-operatives for the creative industries at

More information about Co-operatives & Mutuals Wales at

Exhibition space will be available for Co-operatives and Co-operative Support bodies.

A buffet lunch will be provided.

To book a free place as a delegate or an exhibitor, please visit

Go to the event page on Facebook and see who’s coming, don’t forget to add yourself!
Look for the Twitter hashtag #cci_coops
Follow @WalesCoOpCentre

Please download and print out our poster if you can publicise the event. Thanks!


*Speaker line-up to be confirmed

For more information on support and advice for new and existing co-operatives, visit the Wales Co-operative Centre.

Written by C Kenzie

February 3, 2011 at 9:15 am

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